About – Goots

Goots è un nuovo blog d’informazione con notizie di attualità e di vario genere.

Ma perché proprio Goots? Ad una prima vista Goots significa “buono”, ed è un altro termine per indicare la parola Good. Ma in realtà il significato di questa parola inglese non è poi così semplice.

Vediamo cosa dice Urban Dictionary. Secondo il dizionario inglese “urbano”, Goots ha molti significati. Alcuni di questi sono:

1. A better way of saying good.

2. A fabulously brilliant fellow who is also a devoted friend.

3. Verb: The act of spraying milk out of ones mouth because of the inability to swallow.

4. Verb: Gooting or to goot is the action of licking your nipples.This usually is done by woman but can also be done by fat or very flexible men.

5. A different way of calling someone a faggot. Making light of a spelling mistake “Fagoot”

6. A unclean or dirty pussy

7. An area of the female anatomy somewhere under the belly button and above the thighs, usually the vagina-but not always directly so. This area is “fer goot punchin'” it’s where wife beating rednecks like to really plow into their significant other with brute force with their “goot punchin’ fist” (their choice left or right fist) since their closet case penises can’t get hard at the sight of a woman who is not their cousin (or closer relation). It’s where they can still show their love yet not leave a black eye-where “snoopin’ neibors ‘n cowerkers might start askin’ too many questions!”.

Quali di questi sarà il significato che questo sito riferisce al termine inglese Goots? Scoprilo e conosci di più su Goots!